Hampshire Fungus Recording Group

Documenting the Fungi of Hampshire

Crab Wood - Sat 22 Dec 2012

Field event ID: HF1233

OS Grid areas: SU4329

Weather: Following a couple of weeks of freezing conditions, the weather returned to mild and damp conditions, which encouraged the reclusive fungi, particularly the resupinates.

Report: (Eric Janke) The last foray of the season is traditionally blessed with challenging weather and this year was no exception with rain alternating with drizzle. However, the mild conditions encouraged good numbers of “rotters”. Eric was repeatedly offered samples of Crepidotus, all of which turned out to be cesatii, even the large, yellowing ones! The majority of the records were resupinates, which kept Paul busy adding new items to his “Paints of Hampshire”. Of particular note were Phlebiella fibrillosa and Hyphodontia pruni as well as yet another record of Radulomyces rickii. The beech log near the road was covered with very orange Phlebia tremulosus and nearby thistles were coated in the tiny, spiny, cup-shaped basidiomycete Lachnella villosa, while adjacent raspberry stems were host to an orange-brown agaric, which turned out to be just Tubaria furfuracea. Other agarics included a lone, but odoriferous, Clitocybe fragrans as well as the regular - Hygrophorous arbustivus.

Species list

Ascocoryne cylichnium, Auricularia auricula-judae, Byssomerulius corium, Ceriporiopsis gilvescens, Chlorociboria aeruginascens, Clitocybe fragrans, Crepidotus cesatii, Cylindrobasidium laeve, Daldinia concentrica, Exidia thuretiana, Flammulina velutipes var. velutipes, Fuscoporia ferrea, Ganoderma australe, Hapalopilus nidulans, Hemimycena tortuosa, Hygrophorus arbustivus, Hymenochaete rubiginosa, Hyphodontia pruni, Hyphodontia sambuci, Lachnella villosa, Litschauerella clematidis, Mycena haematopus, Mycena speirea, Mycena tenerrima, Panellus stipticus, Phlebia tremellosa, Phlebiella fibrillosa, Phlebiella sulphurea, Phleogena faginea, Piptoporus betulinus, Postia subcaesia, Radulomyces rickii, Schizopora paradoxa, Sistotrema brinkmannii, Skeletocutis nivea, Skeletocutis vulgaris, Stereum hirsutum, Trametes versicolor, Trechispora confinis, Tremella foliacea, Tremella mesenterica, Tubaria furfuracea, Vuilleminia coryli, Xylaria hypoxylon, Xylaria polymorpha

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