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Hundred Acre Wood - Sat 1 Sep 2012

Field event ID: HF1213

New Records:
New to Hamsphire Lycogala confusum, Verticillium rexianum

Bjerkandera adusta
Bjerkandera adusta
Photo © Paul Hugill

OS Grid areas: SU5911

Weather: Slight drizzle on the day following a continuing showery summer.

Report: A small but cheerful band set out to explore a new site for the group at Hundred Acre Wood, not however the one made famous by a bear who had a liking for honey at 11am. The visit was organised by Tim Crook who made sure we did not get lost. Fruitbodies were few and far between in keeping with the year as a whole. A fresh clump of Leotia lubrica (Jelly babies) kept us looking and soon we became aware of how well the slime moulds were performing providing good photo opportunities. Stuart decided to take some away and see if he could get a definitive answer for once especially as he was due to meet the author of the UK text on myxomycetes Bruce Ing. There was one bright red plasmodial stage which when kept turned into a more obvious lycogala which Bruce idendified as Lycogala confusum a new species for Hampshire. A second myxo with impressive microscopic features including rope like threads or elaters was Metatrichia floriforme. Bruce confirmed Stuart's suggestion that this was covered with a mould Vertillium rexianum. Back to the fungal kingdom and Alan was pleased to find Fibriciellum silvae-ryae amongst his collections of resupinates.

Species list

Annulohypoxylon multiforme, Basidioradulum radula, Bjerkandera adusta, Botryobasidium aureum, Calocera viscosa, Ceriporia purpurea, Ceriporia reticulata, Daedaleopsis confragosa, Daldinia concentrica, Diatrype bullata, Eriopezia caesia, Fibriciellum silvae-ryae, Flagelloscypha minutissima, Gymnopilus junonius, Gymnopus dryophilus, Heterobasidion annosum, Hymenochaete corrugata, Hymenochaete rubiginosa, Hyphoderma argillaceum, Hyphodontia breviseta, Hypoxylon cercidicola, Lachnum niveum, Lachnum virgineum, Lactarius subdulcis, Leotia lubrica, Lycogala confusum, Marasmius rotula, Metatrichia floriformis, Mycena filopes, Mycena stylobates, Mycena tenerrima, Mycoacia uda, Nectriopsis rexiana, Orbilia auricolor, Parasola auricoma, Peniophorella praetermissa, Peniophorella pubera, Phanerochaete velutina, Phlebia lilascens, Phlebia rufa, Pluteus cervinus, Resinicium bicolor, Russula atropurpurea, Schizopora paradoxa, Scleroderma areolatum, Scopuloides hydnoides, Skeletocutis nivea, Stereum gausapatum, Stereum hirsutum, Tomentella crinalis, Trametes gibbosa, Trametes versicolor, Trechispora stellulata, Typhula spathulata, Xylaria longipes

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