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Southampton Common - Sat 14 Aug 2010

Field event ID: HF1012

Abortiporus biennis
Abortiporus biennis
Photo © Paul Hugill

OS Grid areas: SU4114

Weather: There was a hint of drizzle as 10 O’clock arrived, but abated soon afterwards. During the foray the air was calm and warm.

Report: (Mark Jackson) We decided to forage a route that headed south, which would take in a circuit of the cemetery before heading back to the start point. Immediately Paul commented on how unusually dry the ground appeared to be, which did not bode well for the plethora of fungal species we were expecting to find and show Kieran. I immediately ventured under the tree canopy to seek humidity while the others followed the border of the strip of woodland. Bingo! our new forayer had found Schizopora paradoxa. By the time we reached the cemetery we had found four species which included the S. paradoxa specimen, Phragmidium violaceum (violet bramble rust), Microsphaera alphitoides (oak mildew) and a tar spot on a holly leaf. Once in the cemetery, Paul found a curious looking fungus, which he thought may be a species of Phellodon. The highlight for me was finding a very interesting diminutive fungus on an acorn cup. It came to light that this was Marasmiellus ramealis (twig parachute). Later Jean-Paul came out of the undergrowth with a cluster of tall cream coloured fungus which Paul suggested would need to be examined later to ascertain the species. Although the number of specimens were low, the foray still proved to be an interesting one, with the putative Phellodon species turning out to be Abortiporus biennis (Blushing rosette). Hopefully next years foray will be subject to ideal conditions that will reveal the potential diversity for Southampton common and increase the species list.

Species list

Abortiporus biennis, Auricularia auricula-judae, Daldinia concentrica, Erysiphe alphitoides, Gymnopus confluens, Gymnopus fusipes, Marasmiellus ramealis, Parasola leiocephala, Phragmidium violaceum, Schizopora paradoxa, Stereum hirsutum, Trametes versicolor, Trochila ilicina

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