Hampshire Fungus Recording Group

Documenting the Fungi of Hampshire

Blissford - Sat 5 Jun 2010

Field event ID: HF1004

New Records:
New to HFRG: Coprinopsis echinospora, Hemitrichia calyculata

Hemitrichia calyculata
Hemitrichia calyculata
Photo © Paul Hugill

OS Grid areas: SU1713

Weather: After a period of some very warm days the previous Tuesdays rain was not enough to make the fungi grow and the earlier cold weather had delayed the orchids flowering.

Report: (Sue and Alan): As there is a boggy patch on the site it was suggested that wellies may be needed but as it had been so dry none were worn, perhaps Eric should have done so because he sank nearly upto his knee in mud at one point. We did find a few Agarics including three Russulas, Paul took nice photos of some Myxomycetes which he later identified.

Afterwards some of us went back to Sues for something to eat and managed to do some microscopy too.

Note: The coprinopsis was found to have spiny spores and turned out to be C echinospora, a new record for the Group.

Species list

Auricularia auricula-judae, Basidioradulum radula, Bolbitius titubans, Bovista plumbea, Bulbillomyces farinosus, Byssomerulius corium, Calvatia gigantea, Ceratiomyxa fruticulosa, Coprinopsis echinospora, Cylindrobasidium laeve, Daldinia concentrica, Datronia mollis, Fuscoporia ferrea, Ganoderma australe, Gyrophanopsis polonensis, Hymenochaete corrugata, Hymenochaete rubiginosa, Hypoxylon howeanum, Lachnum virgineum, Lenzites betulina, Megalocystidium luridum, Peniophora lycii, Peniophora quercina, Phanerochaete sordida, Phellinus igniarius, Phellinus pomaceus, Polyporus ciliatus, Psathyrella candolleana, Russula aeruginea, Russula grisea, Russula risigallina, Schizopora paradoxa, Scopuloides rimosa, Scutellinia subhirtella, Stereum hirsutum, Trametes versicolor, Vuilleminia comedens, Xylaria hypoxylon

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