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BBQ and Foray - Sat 17 Jul 2010

Field event ID: HF1007

New Records:
New to Hampshire: Scutellinia decipiens (to be confirmed by Kew)

Leccinum pseudoscabrum
Leccinum pseudoscabrum
Photo © Paul Hugill

OS Grid areas: SU1809

Weather: Weeks of hot dry weather had been broken with some welcome rain in the days before the foray, though it probably had no effect on conditions at the site, much of which is low-lying around a stream and containing alder bogs, though there are drier areas wit

Report: (Paul Hugill) This was the day of our annual group BBQ, so as in previous years a morning foray in the Linwood reserve close to Sue’s house was a good excuse to work up an appetite (and thirst). Thanks to the damp conditions in the reserve the finds were distinctly more numerous and varied than in the forays of the previous couple of months. It turned out to be a good day for Russulas, including a distinctive group identified later by Stuart as R. Foetens. Christine Thwaites found a nice specimen of Leccinum pseudoscabrum a new record from this site as was Russula risigallina also found by Christine. A find of the common Marasmius rotula raised some questions of identification due to the nature of the ring which was not very pronounced in comparison with previous photographed finds having much more clearly defined ring. (Stuart later made reference to a tome entitled “A monograph of marasmioid and collybioid fungi in Europe” which could well have the answers, but at £100 a copy there is some reluctance to follow this up.) Two Scutellinia finds within a few yards of each other resulted in much subsequent emailing as they were apparently different, neither being scutellata. A follow-up visit was made see Sue’s comments at the end of this report.. We had hoped to find some Agaricus specimens for Geoffrey Kibby’s workshop the following day, but not one could be found. The photographic opportunities of the day, which also included a beautiful Alder moth caterpillar and a Southern Hawker dragonfly, were sufficient to keep Paul happy, while he acquired the usual muddy knees in the process. The BBQ that followed was once again a great success, the venison burgers proving to be especially popular, and the choice of puddings not helping waistlines in the slightest. Sue Rogerson: A second scutellinia found by Sue near Paul’s specimen (Scutellinia umbrarum) has been sent to Kew for confirmation as possibly S. Decipiens.

Species list

Amanita fulva, Bisporella citrina, Botryobasidium aureum, Bulbillomyces farinosus, Calocera cornea, Cantharellus cibarius, Chlorociboria aeruginascens, Cylindrobasidium laeve, Daedaleopsis confragosa, Datronia mollis, Fuscoporia ferrea, Gymnopus dryophilus, Hypoxylon howeanum, Lachnum niveum, Lactarius tabidus, Leccinum pseudoscabrum, Marasmius rotula, Mycena sanguinolenta, Phaeomarasmius erinaceus, Phellinus igniarius, Piptoporus betulinus, Pleurotus ostreatus, Pseudochaete tabacina, Radulomyces confluens, Resinicium bicolor, Rickenella fibula, Russula claroflava, Russula cyanoxantha, Russula delica, Russula foetens, Russula risigallina, Russula vesca, Scutellinia decipiens, Scutellinia umbrorum, Stereum hirsutum, Stereum rugosum, Trametes versicolor, Tremella mesenterica, Trichoderma pulvinatum, Xylaria hypoxylon

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