Hampshire Fungus Recording Group

Documenting the Fungi of Hampshire

Martin Down - Sat 17 May 2014

Field event ID: HF1404

New Records:
New to HRFG: Xylaria oxyacanthae

OS Grid areas: SU0518

Report: (SC) On a lovely warm and sunny spring day with a light breeze, only 8 happy fungi forayers set forth to tackle the beautiful unimproved chalk grasslands of Martin Down. A gentle slope up a rutted track, with spectacular views of the surrounding countryside brought us to the top of the downs, with Tidpit Common Down nearby and still being grazed by sheep, and the impressive Bokerley Dyke stretching before us. This huge structure is a Romano British defensive dyke over 3 miles in length and was an excellent place to stop for lunch with a ‘built in’ backrest and a wonderful view included! The open grassland was ‘busy’ with numerous butterflies, hoverflies, and other insects in amongst a huge variety of flowering plants. Fungi, unfortunately however, were rather thin on the ground in this rather hot and dry environment. There were numerous large and small areas of close growing hawthorn bushes – and the word thicket was a good description of them! Some were impossible to penetrate and even the less dense ones were a challenge to enter without getting very scratched indeed. Needless to say, Alan and Eric were the greatest pioneers and obviously had the knack or perhaps the thickest skin! But to some a quiet sitdown and sunbathe was a better option. However, as the record shows, there were fungi to be found in their dark, damp depths, albeit mostly paint jobs of varying kinds. In spite of the hot and dry conditions, and somewhat limited habitat, a reasonable number of fungi were recorded, and a most enjoyable day was had by all.

Species list

Agrocybe dura, Byssomerulius corium, Daldinia concentrica, Fuscoporia ferrea, Hyphodermella corrugata, Hyphodontia arguta, Hyphodontia quercina, Hyphodontia sambuci, Laccaria laccata, Lachnum niveum, Mycena acicula, Peniophora cinerea, Peniophora incarnata, Peniophora limitata, Phanerochaete sordida, Phylloporia ribis, Pluteus romellii, Polyporus tuberaster, Radulomyces confluens, Sistotrema brinkmannii, Trametes versicolor, Tremella mesenterica, Xylaria hypoxylon, Xylaria oxyacanthae

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