Hampshire Fungus Recording Group

Documenting the Fungi of Hampshire

Hilliers Garden Fungus Walks and Exhibition

Fri 4 Nov 2022

Bolbitius titubans
Bolbitius titubans
Photo © Dave Shute

Field event ID HF2219

OS Grid areas: SU3723

Report: Both days of this public event were fully subscribed with over 20 attendees on each of the four walks and much interest in the indoor display. There was a contrast in weather conditions with the 4th being fine and largely sunny whilst the 5th was dogged with persistent drizzle.

Quite a few species were found close to the main building, with Parrot Waxcap (Gliophorus psittacinus), Handosme Club (Clavulinopsis laeticolor) and Coconut Milkcap (Lactarius glyciosmus) on the lawns and Redlead Roundhead (Leratiomyces ceres), False Chanterelle (Hygrophoropsis aurantiaca) and Field Birds Nest (Cyathus olla) under a nearby conifer. The bare ground under this tree also sported a good few clumps of a large yellow cup-like fungi which was later, tentatively identified, as Sowerbyella radiculata var. kewensis.

As usual, it was well worth scouring the woodchip mulch in the flowerbeds and this duly produced Greater Toothed Cup (Tarzetta catinus), Common Birds Nest (Crucibulum laeve) and the striking Elastic Saddle (Helvella elastica).

The standing deadwood played host to displays of Spectacular Rustgill (Gymnopilus junonius) and Dyer’s Mazegill (Phaeola schweinitzii), whilst a good display of Fenugreek Stalkball (Phleogena faginea) was found on oak.

Near the Winter Garden, we discovered Stinking Dapperling (Lepiota cristata) and two spikes of the uncommon Pipe Club (Macrotyphula fistulosa) along with Candlesnuff Fungus (Xylaria hypoxylon) and Yellow Brain (Tremella mesenterica).

Near the pond, the unusual Urchin Earthfan (Thelephora penicillata) was found.

Interesting finds in the grassland were Yellow Fieldcap (Bolbitius titubans), Variable Brittlegill (Russula versicolor), Trooping Funnel (Clitocybe geotropa), Woolly Milkcap (Lactarius torminosus), Sticky Scalycap (Pholiota gummosa), White Saddle (Helvella crispa) and a marvelous display of Fly Agaric (Amanita muscaria) in all stages of development from ‘egg’ to ‘umbrella’.

On log-piles in the children’s play area we found Peeling Oysterling (Crepidotus mollis), Deer Shield (Pluteus cervinus) and Burgundydrop Bonnet (Mycena haematopus), whilst the minute Cannonball Fungus (Sphaerobolus stellatus) was found on a small piece of woodchip.

Species recorded: Agaricus sylvaticus, Amanita fulva, Amanita gemmata, Amanita muscaria, Amanita rubescens var. rubescens, Armillaria mellea, Auricularia auricula-judae, Auriscalpium vulgare, Baeospora myosura, Bjerkandera adusta, Bolbitius titubans, Boletus badius, Boletus cisalpinus, Byssomerulius corium, Calocybe carnea, Chlorophyllum rachodes, Chondrostereum purpureum, Clavulina coralloides, Clavulina rugosa, Clavulinopsis laeticolor, Clitocybe fragrans, Clitocybe geotropa, Clitocybe nebularis, Clitocybe phyllophila, Coniophora puteana, Coprinellus disseminatus, Coprinopsis picacea, Crepidotus cesatii, Crepidotus mollis, Crucibulum laeve, Cyathus olla, Ganoderma australe, Geastrum triplex, Gliophorus psittacinus, Gymnopilus junonius, Gymnopilus penetrans, Gymnopus, Helvella crispa, Helvella elastica, Helvella lacunosa, Hygrocybe virginea var. virginea, Hygrophoropsis aurantiaca, Hypholoma fasciculare var. fasciculare, Inocybe flocculosa, Inocybe geophylla, Inocybe geophylla var. lilacina, Inocybe mixtilis, Inocybe ochroalba, Inocybe ovatocystis, Inocybe sindonia, Laccaria amethystina, Laccaria laccata, Laccaria proxima, Lactarius blennius, Lactarius circellatus, Lactarius glyciosmus, Lactarius hepaticus, Lactarius quietus, Lactarius quietus, Lactarius semisanguifluus, Lactarius serifluus, Lactarius tabidus, Lactarius torminosus, Leccinum scabrum, Lepiota cristata, Lepista nuda, Leratiomyces ceres, Lycoperdon perlatum, Lyophyllum decastes, Macrotyphula fistulosa var. fistulosa, Marasmius rotula, Melanotus horizontalis, Meripilus giganteus, Mycena epipterygia, Mycena meliigena, Mycena pseudocorticola, Mycena rosea, Paxillus involutus, Peziza badiofusca, Phaeolus schweinitzii, Phleogena faginea, Pholiota gummosa, Pluteus cervinus, Rhizopogon luteolus, Rhodocollybia butyracea, Rhodocollybia maculata, Rickenella fibula, Russula aeruginea, Russula atropurpurea, Russula caerulea, Russula faginea, Russula fellea, Russula fragilis var. fragilis, Russula insignis, Russula nitida, Russula ochroleuca, Russula parazurea, Russula sanguinaria, Russula sardonia, Russula versicolor, Russula vesca, Scleroderma citrinum, Sowerbyella radiculata var. kewensis, Sphaerobolus stellatus, Stereum hirsutum, Stereum rugosum, Suillus bovinus, Tapinella panuoides, Tarzetta catinus, Thelephora penicillata, Trametes versicolor, Tremella mesenterica, Tricholoma fulvum, Tricholomopsis rutilans, Xylaria hypoxylon

A full species list with further details can be seen at the Fungal Records Database of Britain and Ireland (FRDBI). Please contact us if you need a user ID.