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Franchises Wood

Sat 1 Oct 2022

Aleurodiscus wakefieldiae
Aleurodiscus wakefieldiae
Photo © Dave Shute

Field event ID HF2214

OS Grid areas: SU2316

Report: A late change to the diary, due to a cancelled event, saw us on this recently acquired RSPB mixed woodland reserve in the New Forest.

Our group was accompanied by the reserve warden and assistant for what proved to be a very productive survey with more than 70 species recorded in the field and others taken away for microscopic analysis.

There was a steady stream of finds from the moment we left the car park and headed down the sloping path into the wood. Boletus edulis (Cep), Lactarius blennius (Beech Milkcap), Boletus cisalpinus (Bluefoot Bolete), Russula sardonia (Primrose Brittlegill) and Amanita rubescens (Blusher) were seen on the banks beside the track. We then examined some fallen Beech logs which sported some fine examples of Trametes gibbosa (Lumpy Bracket) and a puzzling bracket with a smooth grey upper surface and minutely, white-pored underside. There was also the resupinate, Laxitextum bicolor and a patch of the yellow, toothed crust, Mycoacia uda. Nearby, several Lycoperdon excipuliforme (Pestle Puffball) were seen.

Taking a grassy side-track, the discoveries continued apace. Leccinum aurantiacum (Orange Oak Bolete), Calocera pallidospathulata (Pale Stagshorn), Mycena pelianthina (Blackedge Bonnet) and a couple of fine specimens of the scarce Fomotopsis pinicola (Red-belted Bracket) on Beech. A green Russula was thought to be R. aeruginea (Green Brittlegill) and some Clavulina coralloides (Crested Coral) was found.

Further along, the track became barer with a stony substrate and here we found several Pluteus phlebophorus (Wrinkled Shield), a large example of Ampulloclitocybe clavipes (Club Foot), Lepista nuda (Wood Blewit), Mycena rosea (Rosy Bonnet) and some dark-centred Peziza sp. (cup fungi). A twig of Hazel bore a nice troop of Marasmiellus vaillantii (Goblet Parachute) and there were clumps of Lacrymaria lacrymabunda (Weeping Widow) and Pholiota gummosa (Sticky Scalycap).

Two diminutive bonnet species were found, one on moss, with a glutinous stipe, was Roridomyces rorida (Dripping Bonnet) and the other, with a granular cap, was on an oak twig, Mycena corynephora (Frosty Bonnet).

After lunch we headed back, higher up the slope, where we found Boletus pruinatus (Matt Bolete), Lactarius tabidus (Birch Milkcap), Russula cyanoxantha (Charcoal Burner) and the pink resupinate, Aleurodiscus wakefieldiae (Pink Disco).

Species recorded: Aleurodiscus wakefieldiae, Amanita muscaria var. muscaria, Amanita rubescens var. rubescens, Ampulloclitocybe clavipes, Bjerkandera adusta, Boletus badius, Boletus cisalpinus, Boletus edulis, Boletus luridiformis var. luridiformis, Boletus pruinatus, Bulgaria inquinans, Calocera cornea, Calocera pallidospathulata, Calocera viscosa, Clavulina coralloides, Coprinellus micaceus, Coprinopsis atramentaria, Coprinopsis lagopus, Crepidotus applanatus, Crepidotus cesatii, Crepidotus variabilis, Exidia glandulosa, Fistulina hepatica, Fomitopsis pinicola, Ganoderma australe, Gymnopilus junonius, Gymnopilus penetrans, Gymnopus dryophilus, Helvella lacunosa, Hydnum repandum, Hygrophoropsis aurantiaca, Hymenochaete rubiginosa, Hypholoma fasciculare var. fasciculare, Laccaria amethystina, Lacrymaria lacrymabunda, Lactarius blennius, Lactarius glyciosmus, Lactarius quietus, Lactarius tabidus, Laetiporus sulphureus, Laxitextum bicolor, Leccinum aurantiacum, Lepista nuda, Lycoperdon excipuliforme, Marasmiellus vaillantii, Marasmius rotula, Megacollybia platyphylla, Melanoleuca polioleuca, Meripilus giganteus, Mycena corynephora, Mycena galericulata, Mycena galericulata, Mycena haematopus, Mycena inclinata, Mycena pelianthina, Mycena rorida, Mycena rosea, Mycena speirea, Mycena vitilis, Mycoacia uda, Neobulgaria pura var. pura, Oudemansiella mucida, Oxyporus latemarginatus, Parasola schroeteri, Paxillus involutus, Peziza, Pholiota gummosa, Piptoporus betulinus, Pluteus cervinus, Pluteus phlebophorus, Polyporus leptocephalus, Rhopographus filicinus, Rickenella fibula, Russula aeruginea, Russula amoenolens, Russula atropurpurea, Russula brunneoviolacea, Russula cyanoxantha, Russula densifolia, Russula fragilis var. fragilis, Russula nigricans, Russula risigallina, Russula sardonia, Russula velenovskyi, Russula vesca, Schizophyllum commune, Stereum hirsutum, Trametes gibbosa, Trametes versicolor, Trichoderma citrinum

A full species list with further details can be seen at the Fungal Records Database of Britain and Ireland (FRDBI). Please contact us if you need a user ID.