Hampshire Fungus Recording Group

Documenting the Fungi of Hampshire

Crab Wood

Sat 16 Dec 2023

Aleurodiscus wakefieldiae
Aleurodiscus wakefieldiae
Photo © Dave Shute

Field event ID HF2329

OS Grid areas: SU4329

Report: There was a good turn-out of members, for this, our last foray of 2023. It was an overcast day with occasional light drizzle but mild temperatures.

Some early finds included Mycena pseudocorticola (Steely Bonnet) on a moss-covered trunk, and Phlebiella sulphurea (Yellow Cobweb), Schizopora paradoxa (Split Porecrust) and Aleurodiscus wakefieldiae (Pink Disco) on various pieces of woody debris. We also noted the slime-moulds, Mucilago crustacea (Dog’s Sick) and Trichia decipiens.

We then headed for an ancient Yew, the trunk and branches of which yielded the crust, Amylostereum laevigatum (Yew Duster) and the ascomycete, Neonectria coccinea. A pile of nearby logs produced a few finds, including Panellus stipticus (Bitter Oysterling), Hemimycena tortuosa (Dewdrop Bonnet) and Lachnum virgineum (Snowy Disco).

Just before lunch, Datronia mollis (Common Mazegill) was recorded and then I found a row of small toothed bracket fungi on a fallen Beech, the upper surface of which had a mauve tinge. After much discussion, the consensus seemed to point towards it being the very rare Steccherinum bourdotii. This would be only the second record for Hampshire, with the previous record being made in nearby West Wood in November 2020. Samples were duly taken for further analysis.

After enjoying some shared festive treats with our lunch, most of the group headed home, leaving a small band of enthusiasts to continue for another hour or so, during which time, some interesting additional finds were made. These included Annulohypoxylon minutellum and Hymneochaete rubiginosa (Oak Curtain Crust) on fallen oaks, Cuphophyllus virgineus (Snowy Waxcap) and Helvella crispa (White Saddle). We then came upon a puzzling fibrillose, brown-capped, umbonate mushroom with a white stipe and pure white gills. It was thought to be Hygrophorus arbustivus (Forest Woodwax) and, again, samples were taken for further investigation.

Our visit concluded with the discovery of Rustroemia firma (Brown Cap), Daedaleopsis confragosa (Blushing Bracket) and Lenzites betulinus (Birch Mazegill).