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New Identikit Key

Eric Janke has provided a new FSC Identikit key for European Mycena sensu lato More...

Next Field Event

Find further details of the next field event. More...


The HFRG is affiliated to the British Mycological Society and supports the aims of the Fungus Conservation Trust.


The HFRG is open to all who wish to share and develop an interest in the fascinating world of fungi. More...


Names of fungi


An on-line database documenting nomenclature novelties (new mycological names and combinations) and associated data.

Index Fungorum

This is the best way to find the current Scientific Name of species. Entering a Scientific name in the ‘Search’ page will show whether it has been superseded or not.


Checklist of British and Irish basidiomycetes complied by Kew.

Identification Aids

BioImages by Malcolm Storey

A wide-ranging collection of images depicting fungi and other organisms.

RogersMushrooms by Roger Phillips

Images and details from Roger Phillips' book Mushrooms.

Automatic Image Recognition

A very interesting resource, which comes up with a plausible suggestion more often that a skeptic might expect – although it can make some howlers. In Danish – but Latin names don’t care...

FSC Identikit Keys

Mal Greave's Scutellinia Key

Mal Greave's Geoglossum Key

Clare Blencowe’s Waxcap Key

The Resupinates of Hampshire

Personal and Project Fungal Sites

First Nature

The web site that relates to Pat O’Reilly’s excellent book, Fascinated by Fungi. Includes background information and many species descriptions.


A fantastically detailed look at the classification of fungi, their ecology, plant pathology, as agents of biocontrol, as exploiters of microscopic animals, symbiosis with animals, mycorrhizae, as food, mycotoxins and medical mycology amongst other subjects.

World of Fungi by David Moore

A companion to the "21st Century Guidebook to Fungi" and much more.


Kew’s Lost and Found Fungi project

British Mycological Society (BMS)

BMS Talks

Recordings of BMS Talks

BMS Facebook Page

BMS Recording Network and Groups